Is The Legendary Lister Knobbly Coming Back?

Lister is one of the oldest names in motor racing thanks to their work with Jaguar during the ‘50s. They were responsible for the classic “knobbly” shape to retro racing cars, and it seems they are making a comeback. While car design is focusing on the future, sometimes it helps to look back at the past for inspiration. Is this the new Lister Knobbly, and if so when can you get your hands on one?

Is The Legendary Lister Knobbly Coming Back?

Working With Jaguar

The British motor company Jaguar are one of the biggest names in racing. Not only do they make elegant and luxurious sports cars, but their engines have powered some of the finest motorsport champions in history.

The company focused on aerodynamics and were some of the pioneers when it came to using wind tunnels to make their cars go faster. Their iconic work with Jaguar in the ‘50s led to a new breed of sports car, known affectionately as “Lister Knobbly” cars.

What Are They Doing Now?

Lister is still around, and it still has a great working relationship with Jaguar. They are currently modifying F-Types and F-Paces for the British brand. The company promised fans they would make a couple of continuation cars in celebration of their longevity, but it looks as though they are also getting with the times. Their boss, Lawrence Whittaker, revealed on social media a car their company had been working on, and it’s very exciting.

Is The Legendary Lister Knobbly Coming Back?

Revealing A Thing Of Beauty

In the social media post, Whittaker revealed a computerized image of what the company’s designer had been working on. It certainly looked a little different to cars of the past as it revamped the “Lister Wobbly” and brought it into the 21st century. Known as the “Knobbly Concept,” the company wanted to showcase what they could do with a modern car.

Whittaker added that he didn’t know if the concept would ever get made but hoped people would appreciate the car’s profile. He said he hoped it would get built, so watch this space incase the Lister Wobbly makes a comeback!

Sometimes it’s better to take inspiration from past successes, and that’s exactly what Lister is trying with this concept car. Only time will tell if they can get it made, but with enough support, we’re sure a few buyers willing to part with their cash for one.