The CLIPAD Car Gadget Has Wireless Phone Charging Capabilities

While wireless car chargers are not a new thing, the new device called CLIPAD also has a variety of other features that will definitely come in handy to most urban drivers. The device was fully funded on Kickstarter and is capable of various feats, including charging smartphones and monitoring the air quality in the cabin. Also, it will issue warnings when the predetermined threshold is exceeded.

Wireless Charging and Air Quality Monitoring With a Single Device

The CLIPAD Sports Wireless In Use
The CLIPAD Car Gadget Has Wireless Phone Charging Capabilities

According to the parent company, the CLIPAD monitors can detect the total volatile organic compounds currently in the cabin. It should be mounted in the vents of the car, which will allow it to measure the flow coming into the cabin. The official specs show that the device can detect air quality problems and issue warnings. The air quality index will be displayed on the car, but it could be difficult to notice if the phone is being charged.

The wireless charging function of this small gadget will work with almost any device on the market that supports such capabilities. This includes the latest generation of iPhones, as well as Android smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S models and Google Pixels. The maximum wireless charging output power is set at 10W.

The CLIPAD Is Available in Two Colors and Can Fit on Any Dashboard

Backside of the CLIPAD Charger
The CLIPAD Car Gadget Has Wireless Phone Charging Capabilities

The new and clever device comes to the market as a perfect addition to the vehicle of any urban driver. Its functions are very handy, especially the air quality monitoring one, even though the parent company sold a version of the gadget without an air monitoring feature. Now, the CLIPAD is available in two colors — white, which is also called “sports,” and classic, which has a black finish. The models come with an aluminum plate and can rotate at 360°, fitting to any dashboard design, regardless of the size of the phone.

The creators of the CLIPAD say they are certain that people will be safer while driving with their device because they will never have to put up with poor air quality in the car.