11 Worst Cars On The Market To Avoid Buying In 2020

What’s the difference between a bad car and the worst car ever? Not much when you’re going to the shop to buy one. Of course, everyone has their own preferences, but there are some clear reasons to avoid many car manufacturers – and don’t worry, there will be plenty of options left over at the end of this list.

Whether the quality to quantity ratio doesn’t match up, or the list of problems just falls far too long…we’re writing this list of the worst for you.

1. Citroen

This car has been called a “resale disaster,” and their sales have plummeted to no more than 50 cars per month. That’s enough of a red flag to not elaborate any further.

The Long List Of 11 Worst Cars On The Market To Buy In 2020

2. Jaguar

Despite being a luxury vehicle, this car’s reputation has gone far downhill – and according to many customers, so has its customer service.

3. Land Rover

Drivers say that they spent more time in the shop than off the road in these off-roaders this past year.

4. Nissan and Renault

This was a doomed crossover of two poor quality brands from the start, but their offspring was truly the worst. Customer reviews of their lovechild have not been kind.

5. Mercedes-Benz

Despite its status, Mercedes cost the same as other luxury cars but don’t handle the same responsibilities as well. Save yourself thousands of dollars.

worst cars
The Long List Of 11 Worst Cars On The Market To Buy In 2020

6. Jeep

These cars are a cheap thrill, but their reliability long-term is poor and the parts to repair are expensive.

7. Fiat

This tiny car is going to cost you everything you have, so if your line of vision goes right over its head, best not to ever lower your sights to its level.

8. Chrysler

Chrysler is not made of quality parts. But more importantly, it’s ugly. Why anyone would bother with something that looks like this and is made of that, we’re just not sure.

9. Dodge

Anyone considering buying a Dodge is probably not in it for the quality in the first place, but if you know how poor their support and repair service is, it’s not going to save anyone money in the long run, either.

worst cars
The Long List Of 11 Worst Cars On The Market To Buy In 2020

10. Volkswagen

Well, Volkswagen has already proved to the world that they can’t be trusted no matter how good they seem (they intentionally installed a device designed to cheat its way through emissions tests). So whatever comes next, it shouldn’t be confidence in their….well, anything.

11. Ford

Ford has recently let slip that they’re expecting to cut over $20 billion from operating costs – and you don’t want that cut to affect the car you buy from them.