The Greatest American Muscle Cars Ever Made

Is there anything better than an American muscle car? Sure, they may guzzle a ton of fuel – but they sure do look (and sound) good doing it. If you’re a gearhead, then you may dream of filling your garage with a ton of American muscle cars… But which ones are the greatest? Let’s take a look.

The Greatest American Muscle Cars Ever Made

Ford Mustang

We wonder if Ford had any idea what kind of waves they would be making when the first Mustang rolled off the production belt in 1964… There is something so iconic about the pony logo that has most of us drooling at the sight of it now. The only problem is trying to pick which of the Ford Mustangs are your favorite – with so many impeccable models to choose from. We’re going to go with the Shelby GT500!

Chevrolet Camaro

Just two years after Ford released their Mustang, Chevy were hot on their heels with the Camaro. They’d seen the success of American muscle cars and they knew that they wanted a piece of that pie. The Chevy Camaro took performance to the next level, and they’re constantly bringing out bigger and better models. Let’s just pretend the fourth-gen ones don’t exist, though.

The Greatest American Muscle Cars Ever Made

Dodge Challenger

The start of the 1970s saw the arrival of the Dodge Challenger, and what a beautiful arrival it was. It was one of THE American muscle cars to have in the 1970s, before having its own kind of renaissance in 2008. The new Dodge Challengers are some of the most eye-catching (and quickest) muscle cars on the market today.

So, if you’re a gearheard then which one of these incredible muscle cars do you pick? Well, we’d have to go with… All of them! You can never have too much muscle, if you ask us.