John Cena’s Ford GT Is Up For Auction – Again

John Cena is one of the most popular athletes and actors in the world, thanks to his time in the WWE and roles in movies such as Trainwreck, Daddy’s Home, and Sisters. However, it seems that there’s a mystery surrounding his Liquid Blue Metallic Ford GT that people just don’t want to hold onto. How is it up for auction yet again?!

John Cena’s Ford GT Is Up For Auction – Again

Breaking The Rules

First of all, John Cena was only sold this Ford GT back in 2017, under special rules set out by Ford themselves. The $500,000 car was sold to Cena in the promise that he would keep hold of it for at least 24 months.

A month after taking in the new GT, however, John Cena decided that he didn’t want it anymore. The wrestler and actor decided to part ways with his car to a Ford superfan for an eye-watering $1.54 million. Ford, as you’d imagine, were not happy.

John Cena’s Ford GT Is Up For Auction – Again

Time To Move On

Ford actually decided to sue John Cena for his breach of contract, and they reached a settlement out of court. However, the story is far from over.

The Ford superfan a 78-year-old farmer from California, only held onto the car for eight months before he decided he wanted to sell it too. The Ford GT went to a Russo & Steele auction in August 2018, where it sold for an impressive $1.7 million. There’s profit in that!

John Cena’s Ford GT Is Up For Auction – Again

Again And Again

The third owner only kept hold of the Ford GT for one month before he decided it was time to let it go. It was sold in September 2018 for $1.32 million – making a loss for owner number three who only drove it for a total of 9 months.

It’s now been five months since the fourth owner got their hands on the stunning Ford GT, and it’s back up for auction once again. The auction will take place in May 2019, and who knows how much it will sell for this time.

It seems as though John Cena’s Ford GT is a real hot potato in the automobile world. Nobody seems to know why, either! Only time will tell what it sells for in May.