Classic Aston Martin Remodels: The Coolest EV’s Yet?

If you’re an avid fan of last centuries cars, then you’re in for a treat! While many of us who aspire to be collectors would love the idea of buying a used classic car and building it up into something (nearly) priceless again, the truth is that they often cost too much to run after the already expensive process of simply purchasing one. This means that most of us are relegated to the collector’s sidelines as we glare through windows and at parked models around town.

However, Aston Martin has decided to change that for once and all by creating a series of classic cars that can run on electricity! Yes! This means that you get all the stylings and classic touches of a collectors car while having the technology in place to ensure that your vehicle is future proof. This is great news for a number of different reasons.

First of all, it means that you’re able to future-proof your car, making it a more sound-worthy investment for those worrying that the value of their vehicle will depreciate too much for it to be worth spending all that cash on. Secondly, it means that you can ride around without the guilt of knowing that you’re contributing to global warming on a large scale and thirdly, it also means that the car is cheaper to operate in the long-term.

The new electric drivetrain is based on the ‘cassette tape’ model that has been developed from remodeled parts of the Rapide E programme. This means that the new drivetrain fits onto the existing engine and gearbox in the original model of the car which means it costs less to make the change and allows you to reverse the process if need be. Now you can fulfill your collector’s dream and have a car that lasts well into the future – while being both incredibly cool and socially conscious at the same time. Thank you, Aston Martin!