Bentley has Rebuilt A One-Off 1939 Corniche

The original Bentley Corniche is often dubbed one of the unluckiest cars in the world… Originally built in 1939, based on one the Greek racing driver Andre Embiricos had commissioned for himself, this car was set to be one of Bentley’s finest achievements. However, disaster upon disaster struck and it was never meant to be – until today.

Bentley Have Rebuilt A One-Off 1939 Corniche

The Unluckiest Car In The World

Bentley built their prototype Corniche back in May 1939, with an impressive 4.25-liter engine, lightweight chassis, and thinner gauge steel than Andre Embiricos’ version. At a top speed in Brooklands it managed over 100mph and Bentley couldn’t wait to show it off properly. However, during road testing in France, the car was hit by a bus.

More Misfortune

Bentley quickly repaired their car before it was driven back to its French depot for more tests. However, on the way back a car pulled out in front of the driver taking it back, causing him to swerve, hit a tree, and roll onto its side. Yet again, repairs had to happen quickly before it was due to be displayed at Earls Court. The chassis was sent to Crewe and the body to Dieppe in France to be fixed. Unfortunately, an admin error meant that the body was delayed and before it could be sent back to the UK it was caught in a WWII bombing and destroyed.

Bentley Have Rebuilt A One-Off 1939 Corniche

A New Corniche

It may have been unlucky in life, but Bentley enthusiasts were keen to rebuild the Corniche in honor of the original. Volunteers, the Mulliner team, and Bentley staff working during their personal time used the original tech drawings and components to bring it back to life in August 2019.

Let’s just hope that this Bentley Corniche fares a lot better than the original!