BMW Unveils New Vision M Next Concept

Anyone who loves being seen driving around in the latest models might want to turn their attention to BMW. The motor company recently showed off their new Vision M Next design in Munich, and it’s absolutely incredible.

Driving In Style

When asked about their new model, BMW has referred to it as being the future of both performance cars and electric driving. The state-of-the-art vehicle puts comfort and style at the forefront while also offering a driving experience like no other. You can either opt for ‘ease’ mode, which is basically autonomous, or do things more hands-on with its ‘boost’ setting.

BMW Unveils New Vision M Next Concept

Bursting With Power

With a top speed of 186mph, you can definitely rack up quite a lot of mileage in the Vision M Next model. That’s without counting the Boost+ button which should give you an extra burst of speed for when you need it most. If you’re looking to get going quickly, the car can apparently achieve 0-62mph in three seconds. There’s definitely a lot of power – 592bhp to be exact – going into this vehicle, and that’s thanks to the use of a four-cylinder turbo with the hybrid powertrain.

BMW Unveils New Vision M Next Concept

Inspired By Previous Models

While this car isn’t quite the BMW i8, there are certainly echoes of the model in the Vision M Next concept. For instance, the exterior boasts a large bonnet vent and wide front grilles which would definitely look at home on the i8. You also have Gullwing doors which must have been inspired by the old model. However, although the i8 was a considerable influence on the concept, other cars have had an impact too. That slatted rear window was absolutely borrowed from Lamborghini’s M1 Procar.

We understand if you’re desperate to get yourself behind the wheel of this almighty vehicle. It looks like it can give anyone the ride of their life.