You Can Only Order The C7 Chevy Corvette For A Few More Days

If you had your heart set on a personalized Grand Sport or Z06 versions of the C7 Chevy Corvette, then you may want to act fast. The limited production of these highly coveted cars means that the books will close (for good) this week. Plus, most of their other variants will be shown the door in the next few weeks, too.

You Can Only Order The C7 Chevy Corvette For A Few More Days

The C7 Chevy Corvette Is Going

We already know that orders for the ZR1 variation of the C7 Chevy Corvette were cut off at the end of May, meaning that only those who had placed their order in time would be getting their hands on one. However, now the Z06 and the Grand Sport are about to wrap up, too. It’s believed that those who want one can only get theirs through a dealer by the end of this week. After that, it’s too late. However, there will still be other variations available to buy for the next few weeks.

Only The Personalized Ones

Luckily, these dates are only applicable to those who were hoping to get their hands on a special-order, personalized C7 Chevy Corvette. If you don’t mind grabbing yourself a standard version, then you’ll still be able to buy one straight off the dealer’s lot. In fact, it seems as though some dealers have been struggling to shift the standard C7s, with plenty offering huge discounts just to get rid of them. If you don’t want all of the bells and whistles, then you could still get yourself a G7 and save yourself some money in the process.

You Can Only Order The C7 Chevy Corvette For A Few More Days

Auctioning The Last

General Motors are planning to auction off the very last C7 Chevy Corvette to be built on June 28, if you’d rather hang around for that one. It’s a gorgeous black Z06 that comes with a 3LZ trim package. All proceeds from the auction will go toward the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation, which raises money for critically injured service members and first responders.

It’s believed that the C8 will be launched mid-July, and this highly-anticipated car might not hang around as quickly as the C7. So, it all depends, do you want to wait?