Meet the Cheapest Electric Car in the World

Electric vehicles are big business in today’s automobile market. Despite being a cleaner way of driving, the price isn’t always competitive compared to conventional combustion engine vehicles. That may have all changed, however, thanks to the cheapest electric car in the world.

The Changli Nemeca

While some electric vehicles can cost several thousand dollars, the Changli Nemeca, from Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba, costs just $1,200, making it the cheapest electric car in the world. You could reasonably expect to pay more for a golf cart, but you certainly get more than your money’s worth for this little car. It’s fully electric and provides drivers with a whole 1.1 horsepower.

Included Extras

You don’t just get a shell with a steering wheel, this car comes with some comforts that most other vehicles boast. The Changli comes with an MP3 player, and backup camera, to make sure you don’t drive into something while you park.

The suspension on the Changli is also better than what you would get on a golf cart, which can cost at least five times as much as this electric vehicle. In fact, the suspension is even more complicated than you would find on some pickup trucks.

More Than Basic

The braking system is incredibly simple, but that’s all it needs to be for the speeds the Changli reaches. This small electric vehicle boasts a curved glass windscreen, and it even has LED projector-beam headlights.

Owners of the Changli Nemeca can even enjoy a faux-leather interior to give them a sense of style on the road. The majority of the panels are made from steel, offering at least some protection while you are scampering down the road in the EV.

While you can’t expect too much from an electric vehicle that costs just $1,200, the Changli is full of surprises. Even including the shipping cost from China, it may prove to be a cost-effective way of getting hold of your very own electric vehicle.