Feast Your Eyes On The New Electric Lambo: The Lamborghini Terzo Millennio

With many companies heading towards electric cars, the luxury brands figured it was important they try their hands at it too. Lamborghini tried it, and knocked it out of the park.

The design was just unveiled, and it looks amazing. They’re calling it the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio, which translates to third millennium.

The name fits, as this car’s looks and features all point to a future that seems distant.

They had some help with the design. The Lamborghini design team worked with the famed Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, specifically with the Dinca Research Lab, and the Mechanosynthesis Group.

That is how they were able to develop an amazing feature of this car’s carbon fiber body shell- it is able to self-heal!

The car is also fully electric, but in a different way from other cars; instead of conventional batteries, they will use lightweight super-capacitors.


The company is calling it, “the future of super sportscars.” The first unveiling just happened at the 2017 EmTech conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

EmTech is the fancy abbreviation for emerging technologies, meaning the cutting edge, newest ideas. At the conference, Lamborghini’s CTO Maurizio Reggiani, as well as the head of design, Mitja Borkert, are both scheduled to speak.

This suggests that there is major innovation from both the design and from the tech side when it comes to the Terzo Millennio.


The pictures of the new car are amazing. One teases the spiky, thin, headlights in a dark garage, giving it an ominous, yet futuristic feel.

Another picture, this time of the car in action, shows the silver bullet whizzing past a cityscape, with its wheels glowing orange like a piece of heated metal.

All we can do is wait for more information about this sleek, futuristic vehicle. We just hope we do not have to wait until the third millennium for more news.