You Can Now Get Your Deliveries Straight To Your Car

Don’t you just hate it when you pop out to the store, only to find that the delivery you’ve been waiting in all day for arrives? The delivery driver needs a signature, so they end up taking your parcel back to the depot for you to come and pick up. It’s frustrating, right? Well, Ford agrees with you – and they’re bringing in something that could change all that.

You Can Now Get Your Deliveries Straight To Your Ford Car

A Partnership With Amazon

Earlier on in April 2019, Ford Motor Co announced that they had made a very interesting partnership… One with Amazon, in fact. The online retail giant actually started rolling out their car delivery service last year, in an effort to ensure less parcels got lost, stolen or damaged when people weren’t in to collect them. Now, it seems as though Ford are getting behind the retailer to ensure their drivers can make the most out of the new service.

Key By Amazon In-Car Delivery

For those who own a Ford built after 2017, or a Lincoln built after 2018, this new service could be the best way to ensure you always get your parcels on time. As long as your vehicle is built after the dates stated, and has a connectivity service, then Amazon delivery drivers could be leaving your parcels in your parked vehicle! The Key By Amazon In-Car Delivery service is being rolled out across America and is thought to expand worldwide soon.

You Can Now Get Your Deliveries Straight To Your Ford Car

What’s The Point?

If you’re unsure what the purpose of this service is, then perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to never have a parcel lost, stolen, or damaged by weather. Ford have explained that this service will provide a “secure way to ensure your packages are delivered directly to you when you are out for the day.” No more having to wait in! As long as you haven’t taken the car with you, of course.

At the moment, this service is only available for Ford car owners of the models stated above, in America. You also need to be a member of Amazon Prime to be able to use it. We’d be interested to know how well it works, however!