This Mazda RX-4 Was Uncovered In A Barn

Barn Find Hunter is a show where Tom Cotter travels all around America trying to find rare cars hidden in people’s barns. Cotter makes it his goal to find these hidden gems and leaves no stone unturned in his investigations. When trying to find cars in Alaska, Cutter came across an old Mazda RX-4 and a bunch of other goodies in America’s last frontier.

This Mazda RX-4 Was Uncovered In A Barn

Finding A Junkyard

It’s Cotter’s goal to find people who have been hoarding cars for many years, and in Alaska, he ran into Robbie, who had a junkyard full of them. Robbie had begun collecting cars when he was a much younger man to restore them. His property was filled with amazing old cars that people would be willing to spend good money on.

Many of his cars were out in the wooded area of his home, and Cotter found a bunch of old Ford Broncos. Cotter then goes on to meet another guy in Alaska who also has a collection of Broncos who was trying his best to restore them.

This Mazda RX-4 Was Uncovered In A Barn

Finding The Jackpot

Cotter continued his journey and ran into Bonnie, who had a Mazda RX-4 sitting amongst some bushes on her property. She said it hadn’t run for about 20 years, but she bought it new. The 1974 Mazda RX-4 is loved by Japanese car enthusiasts, and Cotter realized he had a real gem on his hands. The car had been left amongst the bushes after Bonnie’s husband reportedly put diesel in it because he didn’t like that it outrun his own car.

Cotter says he would never have known about the Mazda sitting in the bushes if it wasn’t for getting out and speaking to people. Thanks to his friendly nature, Cotter was able to find one of the rarest vintage cars on the market.