The Latest Upgrade to Porsche’s Roads App Allows You to Find Better Driving Routes

Porsche founded the Roads App in 2019, and to this date, the app has reached about 180,000 users. The latest add-ons in the app allow you to plan your route by finding you the best possible route with the help of AI technology. Now, it’s pretty common for a navigation app to show you the best route possible. So, what’s so special about this newest update in the Roads app that will make your trip more memorable and joyous? Let’s find out!

Finding the Fun Route

While Google Maps takes driving time and fuel efficiency into account, the Roads app will let you decide on more of a scenic or fun-filled route rather than a simpler one. If you want to mix things up and make your journey thrilling in your 718 Cayman GTS 4.0, you can set your profile on the app for such fun rides. Or, if you are planning a long driving trip, you can set up the app to help find the local or must-visit spots on your route. You can even track your favorite routes and share them with a global community so that others can explore the same pathway. With the newest feature, you can drive through the AI-recommended challenging routes too, where AI works out a specific route based on parameters like road curves, topography, landscapes, and exciting points of interest.

What Devices Support the App?

The best part about the Roads app is you don’t need a Porsche to download it. The app works on any car fitted with Apple CarPlay, as it currently works only on iPhones. The app lets you pick out the route on your phone and follows it on your car’s infotainment screen. You should know that this added feature aims not to find the fastest route to your destination but to find the most delightful and interesting route for you and your fellow passengers to enjoy.