One Retro German Sports Car Maker Has Teased Their Return

You might be old enough to think the mid-2000s shouldn’t be classed as retro, but they were over a decade ago now. One German sports car manufacturer from that time struggled to stick around following the global financial crisis, but there’s some good news: they’re back. Weismann has just teased its return, and it’s getting people very excited.

Who Are Weismann?

Weismann knew how to get pulses racing for gearheads in the 2000s thanks to their uniquely designed sports cars. They brought retro style to the bodywork combined with huge BMW engines and all the power going to the rear wheels. That combination made for some very fun cars, including the GT MF5. The company was pretty prolific during its heyday and churned out around 180 hand-built cars per year. They didn’t make it through the financial crisis unscathed though and in 2014 were forced to cease trading.

One Retro German Sports Car Maker Has Teased Their Return

Coming Back To Life

It was thought that Weismann was long gone, but a Dutch website has teased that the German sports car manufacturer is making a comeback. has acknowledged that the robed shape of a random car is in fact confirmed to be a new model from Weismann. Judging by the grill on the front, the company is sticking close to the original GT MF5 design that won it so many fans in the first place.

One Retro German Sports Car Maker Has Teased Their Return

The Details

As of yet, the details about the upcoming release from Weismann are scarce, but it is known that they will once again be powered by BMW engines. The engines are expected to come from BMW’s M division, and there is a promise that new pictures will be released soon.

Fans of Weismann’s fun designs will be able to get their eyes on the new design soon as the sports car manufacturer makes its long-awaited comeback.