Team Tesla Proud to Announce One-Millionth Electric Car Made

Recently, Tesla put its millionth electric vehicle out for sale. Elon Musk, who is the CEO of the company, announced the great news on Twitter. In addition, he also shared a picture of the car, the red Model Y, and congratulated the Tesla crew on hitting this huge milestone. The company was founded in 2003, and it’s a significant moment for the automaker.

Tesla Model Y
Team Tesla Proud to Announce One-Millionth Electric Car Made

How It All Started

Tesla’s first consumer car, the Roadster, was released back in 2008. This means that it took a little over twelve years to hit this milestone. However, it could easily hit the two million mark a lot sooner. Now, the company has grown bigger, which means that the targets are also getting higher. In the January earnings report, Tesla said that they hope to ship over 500,000 electric vehicles worldwide in 2020. Established automakers like the Volkswagen Group or Toyota each produce over ten million vehicles a year. Despite this fact, Tesla’s milestone is one tremendous accomplishment for an automotive setup that focuses its production on electric vehicles.

Elon Musk
Team Tesla Proud to Announce One-Millionth Electric Car Made

Tesla’s Huge Milestone Is Well-Deserved

The electric car company hit the milestone mainly because they started producing more of their cars outside the US. At the end of 2019, it delivered its first cars manufactured at the Gigafactory in Shanghai. Meanwhile, Tesla also prepared the site for the construction of its fourth Gigafactorz near Berlin, Germany.

In March, Tesla is expected to start shipping its latest car, the Model Y. This happens months after its original “fall 2020” estimate. Meanwhile, Cybertruck, which was also produced by Tesla, is going into production in late 2021. Will the sales of the futuristic-looking and eye-catching truck rise up in the sky? It’s highly possible. Who knows, maybe soon we will see more Cybertrucks on the road than the Model S or Model Y.