How To Winterize Your Car For Less Than $55

Winter is around the corner, so we thought it would be a good idea to give you some cheap and handy tips to ensure that your vehicle is prepped for the cold this winter. On average, roughly 24% of all accidents that happen on roads in the US are caused during snowy weather or on sleet covered roads. So it pays to ensure that your car is ready for the cold, and thankfully it doesn’t have to cost that much either! Here are a few favorite cost-effective tips for winterizing your car.

Under $15:

These tips don’t cost much and are generally pretty simple. They involve things such as doing a general motor inspection to see if there are any issues that you can notice (such as leaks, flat tires, broken windshields etc.) and does not refer to getting a checkup by your local mechanic. If it looks like a problem to you, it probably is. You should also consider cleaning off your battery with a bristle-wire brush to remove any green stains. Also, consider replacing your standard window-cleaning fluid with specially prepared winter fluid available at Walmart for only $2 to increase overall visibility on the roads.

Under $25:

Depending on which problem seems like it needs more attention, you should spend your cash appropriately. One important factor that motorists often overlook is their lights and their windshield wipers. We only tend to notice these when they don’t work, so if you’re noticing any slight depreciation in terms of performance during the dry months, try changing them before the winter.

You can get premium quality wipers on Amazon for under $25 and a headlight restoration kit for $20 on Amazon as well. In case you tend to do a lot of off-roading or find that your car overheats during the dry months, then you should also consider changing your air filter, as this will have a serious effect on the performance of your car during the colder months. You can usually find one for about $20 in auto supply shops or online.