One Woman Stole A Tesla Model S But It Ran Out Of Battery…

Tesla haven’t been having the best time of it recently when it comes to bad press. There have been plenty of stories about their cars not working how people had hoped, or even allegedly setting on fire! However, one story has come out recently about the Model S that has had us all in stitches.

One Woman Stole A Tesla Model S But It Ran Out Of Battery…

Arizona Theft

On August 4, 2019, one woman in Arizona decided she was going to try her luck and nab herself a nice new Tesla Model S. Except, she wasn’t planning on paying for it like everyone else. Instead, she decided she was going to try and steal it which then led to a police chase to arrest the suspect.

Trying To Catch Her

The Payson Police Department tried slowing down the woman by using spike strips, designed to puncture a car’s tires. However, it seemed as though the Tesla Model S stood up to this test and the woman continued on her way. That was until the unthinkable happened… The thief wasn’t counting on the car running out of battery. The police then had to break the window to remove the suspect from the stolen vehicle.

One Woman Stole A Tesla Model S But It Ran Out Of Battery…

Stealing Electric Cars

This car thief ended up being arrested and will be going to court. However, it seems as though she may be in the minority when it comes to stealing electric cars. A report from the Highway Loss Data Institute found that electric vehicles were far less likely to be stolen than gas-powered ones. In fact, the Model S has the second-lowest theft rate in the country.

The institute believes this could be because electric cars are more likely to be parked in or near a garage to be charged. Someone should have told this Arizonian woman that.