Jamie Little Is Ready to Make Motorsports History Once More

Jamie Little was the first woman to cover a televised motocross event. In 2004, she became the first female pit reporter to cover the Indianapolis 500 on broadcast television. Eleven years later, she was the first woman TV pit reporter to cover both the Daytona 500 and the Indy 500.

Jamie LittleThis year, despite prodding from Fox Sports executives who wish to see her cover leagues with a broader audience like the NFL, Little will once again make motorsports history by becoming the first women to call race play-by-play as Narcar’s ARCA Menards announcer for Fox Sports.

Jamie Little Doesn’t Have the Ambition to Always Be the First

When asked about her upcoming achievement by the Observe, Little replied that she never aims to become the first to do something. She believes she is put in these roles because they are the natural progression of her reporting career.

ARCA Menards SeriesHer move to ARCA is just another addition to her large professional portfolio as she will be continuing her pit reporting duties at Fox for Xfinity, Truck Series, and Nascar’s Cup. In fact, she will be juggling all four series at this year’s Daytona 500.

Little Partnered up With Parsons to Offer Comprehensive Play-by-Play Commentary

ARCA may seem like a downward move for Jamie Little because of the series’ lower audience viewership in comparison with other events that she covers. The reporter, however, ask Jacob Ullman, Fox Sports production senior vice president, for the job because she saw it as an opportunity to learn how to call live races

Jamie Little ReportingJamie Little will be joined in the commentating booth by Phil Parsons, a longtime Fox NASCAR and ARCA analyst. The duo’s first rehearsals started in December over Zoom before moving to Charlotte for additional rehearsals at the Fox NASCAR studio.

Fox Sports executives are confident in the duo’s success because they believe Little to be one of their top broadcasters.