Mick Schumacher To Join Ferrari Driver Academy

The 19-year-old son of the legendary Michael Schumacher, Mick, is set to join Ferrari’s Driver Academy this year.

Ferrari’s team principal, Mattia Binetto, said, “For someone like me who has known him from birth, there’s no doubt that welcoming Mick into Ferrari has a special emotional meaning.”

Even though sharing his father’s name gives him a reputation that far outweighs young Schumacher’s accomplishments, this isn’t why he was chosen, Binetto said: “We have chosen him for his talent and the human and professional qualities that have already distinguished him despite his young age.”

Mick Schumacher To Join Ferrari Driver Academy

Mick Schumacher recently won the FIA Formula 3 Championship for 2018 and is now going up a level into Formula 2 racing. Scuderia Ferrari’s prestigious driving program will help him reach new heights.

He’s not the only offspring of famous racers to be recruited by the driving academy, which includes the likes of Enzo Fittipaldi, whose grandfather was F1 racing champion Emerson Fittipaldi. In addition, Jean Alesi, Jean Alesi’s son, also joined the academy.

“I am thrilled that Ferrari has entered a partnership with me and my next future in motorsport will be in red,” Mick said, “being part of the Ferrari Driver Academy and also of the Scuderia Ferrari Family.”

He is joining the organization in his father’s footsteps. Michael Schumacher is arguably the greatest racecar driver who ever lived, with five of his seven total World Championships being won consecutively with Ferrari.

Mick Schumacher To Join Ferrari Driver Academy

Mick said, “This is another step forward in the right direction, and I can only profit from the immense amount of expertise bundled there. Be sure I will make everything to extract whatever helps me achieve my dream, racing in Formula 1.”

There’s no doubt that he is doing his father proud. Mick is clearly a chip off the old block, having inherited his father’s talent as well as determination to become the best racecar driver he can be.