Passion for Low Riders is Saving People From A Life of Crime

According to the latest FBI research, there are approximately 1.4 million active gang members in the United States, and about 33,000 gangs. This is a 40% increase in comparison to the past decade, when the estimated gang members were around one million. The city of Los Angeles is one of the most affected by this phenomenon.

To battle this negative tendency, former gang members look for activities that can engage kids and others in the community without any gang affiliation. Auto craft makes for a skillful, interesting, and obvious practice – and since low riders are the vehicle favorite in gang communities, their maintenance and artistic potential has become a popular hobby, instrumental at keeping men and women away from gang life, and potentially saving lives. 

Passion for Low Riders is Saving People From A Life of Crime

What Gang Members Share About Their Past

Regardless of particular gang affiliation, many past members from Los Angeles have spoken openly about their crime-filled pasts. They share their sorrow for the friends they have lost and talk about the years spent in the penitentiary. Having learned many lessons, their biggest wish is to use their past experiences to keep people away from gangs and their lifestyle.  

Their mission is simple – to give back to their community. They strive to show men and women that there’s a way out of gangs. Today, taking care of and getting creative with cars is their biggest passion, with low-riders continuing to be a popular favorite – and holding the most appeal for captivating the interest of those who have found themselves headed down a hard path.

Passion for Low Riders is Saving People From A Life of Crime

These ex-gang members have been busy crafting eye-catching and stunning vehicles, which they later show to troubled children and young adults. They hope that by doing something positive and productive, they will motivate others to pursue their automotive ardor instead of getting in trouble on the streets of L.A.  

What Are Low Riders?

Low riders are customized automobiles with a lowered body, intricate personalized paintwork, and hydraulics or airbag systems that allow the driver to raise or lower the car via different switches. Tradition dictates that wheels should consist of whitewall tires and 13″ rims. Low riders are in a class of their own, which is why it isn’t enough to simply lower the chassis of a vehicle to make it a low rider. 

low riders
Passion for Low Riders is Saving People From A Life of Crime

While it may seem odd, nowadays, being in a low rider club is like being in a gang – similar to motorcycles – as the fraternity is the same but the lifestyle is focused on construction instead of destruction. Building cars and working on them alters worldview and opens numerous possibilities to people, which is why low riders truly save lives!